Logic Of The Day: 6.11.2017.

Focus On Choices, Not Conditions.
In general, people approach daily commitment in one of two ways. They focus on the external or the internal. Those who focus on the external expect conditions to determine whether they keep their commitments. Because conditions are so transitory, their commitment level changes like the wind.

In contrast, people who base their actions on the internal usually focus on their choices. Each choice is a cross road, one that will either confirm or compromise their commitments. When you come to a crossroad, you can recognize it because: A personal Decision is Required, the decision will cost you something, others will likely be influenced by if.

Your choices are the only thing you truly control. You cannot control your circumstances, nor can you control others. By focusing on your choices, and then making them with integrity, you control your commitment. And that is what often separates Success from Failure.



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