Logic Of The Day: 28.11.2017

Your Mind Is Key.
The man who tells himself he can’t and the man who tells himself he can are both right. We’ve all heard this one before, right? It is absolutely true that whatever it is we think becomes our reality. Often times we talk ourselves out of greatness before we even have the opportunity to win. It is the enemy within that challenges us the most but when we take the mind over matter approach more often than not we surprise ourselves.

One of my favorite words of wisdom often stated by the late great Dr. Wayne Dyer is, “thoughts become things.” In essence, everything your mind produces transpires right before you in your life. It may not occur instantaneously but it happens. We fail to realize the power of our own mind and how reframing negative thoughts will create a brighter future.

Here’s the thing, somewhere along life’s journey we have grown negative, doubtful, and fearful. The truth is that we all derived from greatness and therefore we can be nothing but great, the catch is that you must believe, live and think that way.
Remember, what you’ve done in the past is what created the present and likewise, what you do (and think) today sets the stage for your future.

Excerpts From The Article; Master Your Mind By Dr Jatun.



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