Logic Of The Day: 04.11.2017.

You’ll Need More Time Alone — For The Deep Work
“Delegate everything except genius.” — Dan Sullivan.
Once you’re serious about living your dreams, you’ll need to build a team. In the beginning, you’ll probably need to manage most of the logistics yourself. But the sooner you delegate, the more energy you can put into the work only you can do.

Eventually, you’ll want to delegate everything accept your superpower. You are the creator, and your team makes it real. As Dan Sullivan has said, “There are all kinds of great things going on in the company that I know nothing about.”

Deep work is essential for creation. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do. You will need to be vigilant against endless distractions and time-wasters.
Only you know your body and mind, but most of the world’s highly successful people do their creating early in the morning. They wake up and get to work. No email, no social media. No communication. Just sitting with themselves, their ideas, their resources, and getting breakthrough.

If you’re highly focused (i.e., you regularly get into psychological flow), you’ll be enormously successful and prolific with only three to five hours of work each day.



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