Logic Of The Day: 17/10/2017.

10 Steps to Help You Keep Your Job.
You will find each of these steps to keep your job defined at length in what is your strategy for keeping your job.
1. Be the Go-to, Indispensable Person Who Has Needed Organization Knowledge.
2. Make Your Contributions Measurable and Visible to the Right People.
3. Make Money for the Company: Contribute to Revenue Generation, Sales, Profit.

4. Ask for More Work and More Challenging Assignments.
5. Make Sure Your Manager Likes You; Invest Genuine Time, Compliments, Attention.
6. Be a Low Maintenance Employee: No Complaining, Whining or Monopolizing.
7. Work Long Hours and Make Sure the Right People Notice.
8. Keep Your Personal and Professional Skills Growing and Developing.
9. Team Build With Coworkers: Cooperate to Achieve Goals and Success for All.
10. Take Your Talents and Skills to a More Recession-proof Company or Job.

But, in the meantime, before and while you pursue different career opportunities, it is important to focus on how to keep your current job.



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