Logic Of The Day: 10/10/2017.

Risk-Taking Is A Normal Part Of The Process.
Without taking risks, original ideas wouldn’t be possible. It’s an obstacle that every creative needs to overcome if they are to create something new, but it always comes with exposure to the possibility of failure or mediocrity.

Acknowledging the purpose of risk-taking in the creative process seems unorthodox, but should be accepted in order to create original work.
When a direction feels risky, it’s probably worth it. It’s a sign of the unconventional — the path that most would avoid. It might seem audacious or adventurous. You’re creating something that most would hesitate to do.

Perhaps it’s a little outside of your comfort zone, but if you stick to your guns and take the leap you’ll gain knowledge at the very least. You’ll learn more from a risk than playing it safe.

‘Over time, the greatest risk you can take is to take no risks at all.’ — Zat Rana



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