Logic Of The Day: 07/10/2017.

Find Out What Training You Need and Pursue It.
People often talk about the importance of having a mentor, and this is one of the reasons.
Find a coworker who currently has the position you're targeting and ask, “What do I need to do to end up where you are?” Listen, and do those things. Some of that training may include work experience, and some may come from classroom learning.

For instance, some jobs will favor people with MBAs. If you want that type of job, you'd better go back to school. If you want to become a high school principal, your bachelor's degree in math education probably won't cut it. If you want to become the head of HR one day, you might want to pursue an SPHR certification or a master's degree in HR or an MBA.

Some career paths don't require formal certifications or degrees, so spending your time on them is great for your brain but won't necessarily help your career. That's why you should ask people who are doing jobs that you think you'd like.



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