Logic Of The Day: 05/10/2017.

Relentless Improvement – Outside and Inside the Box.
Who was the best professional golfer in the world when this piece was written? Tiger Woods. Well, consider this: Tiger Woods had a coach. Tiger Woods was the best golfer in the world. Not one of the best. The best. And Tiger Woods always had a coach.

That fact alone should be enough to make the point that you should never, ever, ever be as good as you’re going to be. Inside every top performer is a better performer waiting to get out. Tiger Woods wanted to become a better golfer. There’s a clue in that for all of us.

But what steps did you take today that will assure that you’ll be better tomorrow? Is it truly a policy? Or is being better tomorrow just a slogan? For top performing organizations and individuals, relentless improvement is part of what they do every day.

We all constantly talk about thinking outside the box. That’s fine, and you most certainly should think outside the box. But here’s another approach that you’d better not ignore – get back inside the box and get better at the basics of your business. Sometimes our greatest returns on improvement are realized when we invest in improving on our customers’ (be they internal or external) basic expectations. Get back inside the box and get better at the basics-----------Joe Calloway.



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