Logic Of The Day: 02/10/2017.

We Are All Work In Progress.
Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, concludes every annual letter to shareholders by reminding readers, as he did in his first annual letter in 1997, that “it’s still Day 1” of the internet and of Amazon.com.

In the same vein, we should all be allowing ourselves to be a work in progress.
Keeping yourself in Permanent Beta forces you to acknowledge that you have bugs, that there’s always something to learn, that you will need to adapt and evolve. It is a lifelong commitment to continuous personal and professional growth.

For Entrepreneurs, “Finished” is an F-word, because they know that great companies are always evolving. “Finished” ought to be an F-word for all of us. Because when it comes to life, we are all Work In Progress.



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