Logic Of The Day: 19/09/2017.

How To Be Happy At Work (1)
Happiness is Relative. What makes each and every one of us Happy varies from our personality to behavioral traits and characteristics. Most schools of thought argues that happiness is key to having a good job performance.
Here are some ways you can be Happier at work:
1.Have a positive attitude about it. Your personality is a big part of your happiness. If you are always looking for the negative side of everything, you will find it.

2. A good fit with the job and company is important to your happiness. This starts with knowing yourself: What do you want from the job? What do you enjoy doing? Be honest with yourself and do a self-assessment.

3. Get accurate information about the job and the company. Ask detailed questions about what life is like in this company. Do your research: Read about the company, and use your social network to understand the company’s culture.



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