Logic Of The Day: 11/09/2017.

Do You Have Confidence?
Confidence is a habit, not a gift. And habits are simply decided on and returned to. One day at a time.
Choose, and stick with it. Don’t allow your feelings and your doubts to cloud this choice. Perhaps those feelings aren’t doubts anyway.

Maybe they’re guiding you to seize the wild, animal energy you already have rushing through your veins. Just choose, and be great. Let your positive energy drown out what hurts.

You can tolerate uncertainty because you’ve decided that you are okay right now. You know you are okay. Nobody else decides. You choose, they respond. It’s your reality.

It isn’t about what you did or what happened to you. It isn’t even about who you are trying to become. It’s about who you decide to be right now. You’re already there.
Relax into that awareness.

That’s confidence.



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