Logic Of The Day: 12/08/2017.

Mentor Your Colleagues and Provide Support.
It might sound paradoxical but one of the surest way to make yourself indispensable is by trying to make yourself redundant. A good mentor imparts knowledge and expertise to the newbie employee and encourages him to improve his skills. But mentoring is not everybody’s cup of tea. Only someone who takes pleasure in watching others succeed can be a good mentor. An insecure person may not want to teach everything to someone who might eventually replace him in the company.

Organisations value employees who mentor and train junior colleagues. Mentoring engenders trust among teams and inspires employees to perform to their highest ability. At a broader level, it helps develop and retain talent. So, if you are helping your teammates and training juniors, you will be seen as someone the company must retain at all costs.

The idea is to become valuable by supporting and adding value to other employees. The support can even be in the form of help in everyday functions or stepping in to firefight when a teammate is in a spot.



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