Logic Of The Day: 11/08/2017.

How Ready Are You For Business?
Talking about business and been successful in business while you still have a paid job is something that requires critical analysis.

Talking About Business.
The first question is: What exactly do you want to do?
In answering this question, you need to have a rethink about what you want, you should not choose a business based on people’s testimony or advert, every business needs a proper TRAINING, even if you going to sell beverages, never underestimate the value of training, even if it would take you just 2 weeks.
Read books about the business, watch videos about it, Google information online, use your off work time wisely for productive research before you start.

How Do Fund Your Business?
Allocate a portion of your monthly salary spread over some time to fund your business, involve yourself in monthly contribution and place yourself as number 1 to pick to fund your business, it requires discipline to do this, but won’t you rather be disciplined to achieve your goals? There is no crime in starting small, the harm is in not starting at all or waiting for the big cash, what you start is what you grow.

How Do You Sell Your Business?
Taking two(2) hours daily after your working schedules to create a meaning growth and  successful running path for your business is extremely necessary, it gives you opinions about how to run your business knowing the fact you have a paid job.
All you need is a process much more than a presence, create a process flow for the business to flourish, the process flow generates cash for you even when you are not present, explore the use of social media, put your products on Instagram, Facebook ,Twitter, Snapchat and BBM, these channels are not meant to express your beauty, you don’t need to impress anyone with your looks, impress them with your business success, put your product on the face of people daily, be determined in the quest for success.

I have friends that sells only colored socks/cute ties/cufflinks/…. online and make very cool cash weekly, start from your colleague, friends, family, build a network for your product you would be amazed at the rate you will grow.
Remember, too many people believe that everything must be pleasurable in life, Right things are not always FUN!
Know this, YOU can start over each morning


Adedotun Adetoba.



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