Logic Of The Day: 10/08/2017.

Be Consistently Reliable in Everything You Do.
Everybody likes surprises, but not if they are unpleasant. Missing a project deadline, arriving late for a meeting or going on leave without prior notice are some of the unpleasant surprises that managers love to hate. For them, reliability equals efficiency. If an employee shows up on time, finishes his work before the deadline and maintains basic office discipline, he is seen as more valuable than someone who is forever making excuses for laxity and delays.

Reliability is more than just time management— it reflects the mindset of the individual and even shapes his career path. If a manager knows that he can depend on an employee to submit the project report before the deadline or reach office at time, he will assign more responsibilities to such a worker.

Be consistently reliable in everything you do. Also, make sure you don’t make false promises. Before you make a commitment, be sure that you will be able to keep it. Instead of promising too much and delivering too little, it is better to scale down the promise and then delight the boss by doing more than you committed. This way you send out the message that you don’t want to make false promises but are willing to go that extra mile to deliver.



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