Logic Of The Day: 27/07/2017.

You Can Ask For A Promotion!
This might sound obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people know a position is open in their companies and fail to self-advocate for themselves or hope that a supervisor will read their minds and make them that offer they can’t refuse.

This is particularly important for women. Men initiate these kinds of conversations about four times as often as women!

You don’t want to under promise and over deliver forever. Once you know you have laid the foundation for your ask, set a specific day and time to talk to the appropriate person about your aspirations and make sure you facilitate the conversation in such a way you are creating a compelling story about what you have achieved in your previous position and what you believe you can achieve moving forward.

Remember, sometimes the greatest impediment to our upward mobility is ourselves. Take this advice and position yourself for a promotion today.



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