Logic Of The Day: 28/06/2017.

The Advantages of Communication at the Workplace; Constructive Criticism.
Criticism sometimes gets a bad rap in the workplace, often because the first image that comes to mind is a red-faced head honcho yelling at a subordinate to quit screwing around. But that's an example of poor communication. Solid communication leads to constructive criticism that can help an employee improve her performance.

Of course, you don't have to be a manager to give constructive criticism. An employee can help her co-worker improve by offering feedback on what she does well, what she can improve and how to improve.

Regardless of whether you wear the managerial hat or the employee hat, remember the following: Touch on weaknesses but do not harp on them, recognize strengths, appear understanding as to why someone might struggle in a certain area, and offer ways for them to improve on their weaknesses.



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