Logic Of The Day: 26/06/2017.

The Importance Of Better Associations.
If you associate yourself with a change maker, your life will by all means become better. You will wink at challenges and begin to think. In times of frustrations, you will not sink. If you miss the way to a great destination, just look for those going to that direction. Mount the shoulders of a giant believer and you will become a great achiever. People around you determine your speed. They will influence the growth of your seed.

People you are around will decide your strength and also the figure of your success’ length. I trust you want to become a better you. It matters, what your associates plan to do. It depends, where your companions want to go.It relies on what your friends believe and know.

Quit friendships that build you nothing, choose friends who bring out of you something. One iron sharpens another iron. Go along with great people and ride on.

Israelmore Ayivor, (Become a Better You)



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