Logic Of The Day: 22/06/2017.

10 Tips To Maintain Workplace Respect.
Workplaces full of sideways glances, whispered gossip and behind-the-back name-calling are hardly pleasant places to be. If your workplace is, much like a high school cafeteria, full of factions and cliques, it is likely not as productive and work-focused as it could be.

Regardless of how rife with disrespect your workplace may currently be, you can turn the tide and rebuild the respect. With some simple steps, you can gradually make co-workers feel more respected and, in doing so, likely improve their eagerness to engage in respectful.

Here are 10 Steps To Achieve That:
1. Choose your words carefully.
2. Give co-workers privacy.
3. Discuss don't tell.
4. Maintain boundaries.
5. Be accessible.
6. Tidy up.
7. Recognize co-workers worth.
8. Focus on shared goals.
9. Value everyone.
10. Speak up.

(Tips to Maintain Workplace Respect
By Erin Schreiner)



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