Logic Of The Day: 02/06/2017.

Is Your Job In Jeopardy?
Sometimes even the greatest jobs can run amuck, no matter how much effort and passion we put into them. No one ever wants to be laid off or fired, but the reality is it can happen to the best of us. What's important is to be aware of the warning signs that your employer may be considering letting you go.
Some clues are more subtle than others, so use -- and trust -- your intuition. If you get the feeling that things are going awry at work, you're probably right. Fine-tune your antennae to pick up the following potential signals:

1. Changes in Communication.
2. Responsibilities are Diminished or Taken Away.
3. You Sense Your Replacement Has Been Hired.
4. Praise Turns Into Criticism.
5. You're Passed Over For A Promotion or Raise.
6. You're Placed On Probation.
The best way to avoid the above scenarios is to be proactive. If you sense your position is on shaky ground, take immediate action. Communicate with your supervisors. Ask questions. Get to the bottom of any possible dissatisfaction, address the issue, and document the steps you take to resolve it.
Have a backup plan, just in case. Polish your resume and reconnect with people who have provided references in the past. And, if you do lose your job, don't hang your head. Getting fired may actually be a positive sign that you've
outgrown your current position, and that's certainly nothing to be ashamed about.

[Debra Davenport, PhD, is a career expert, Executive Professional Mentor and the president of DavenportFolio.]


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