Logic Of The Day: 25/05/2017.

How To Improve Competence In The Workplace In 5 Basic Steps. (1)
Do you have a new job? Have you been working for years and feel like you are still down the ladder? Are you having a hard time with your work? Then, you should improve yourself and be more competent.
One of the bases for respect, salary, and promotion are your competencies. If everyone in your workplace perceives you to be competent then you’ll earn their respect and open new doors for promotion. Personal growth is required in your career. Working hard doesn’t mean doing what you do the same way forever, improvement must be perceived.

These are the steps on how to improve competence in the workplace:
Step 1 – Observe
To observe is a way to gain knowledge and improve your skills. When you are new to a job, no matter what it is, observing your environment is the first step. Observe what others do and how they do it. While observing you will notice what are the vital aspects that you should consider with this new job, from this you will deduce the nature of the task assigned to you......cont'd

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