Logic Of The Day: 04/02/17

Developing A Life Plan!
You must develop a plan if you want to succeed in life, and it definitely has to be a long term plan. A plan is a blue print or design of something that is to be achieved by you. You must have aim(s) and objective(s), an objective is nearly as important as your aim because objectives are deliverables which are used to achieve your aim.
How do you develop a plan for yourself:
1. By Discovering yourself.
2. By meeting and being around the right  people or persons.
3. Being self conscious of the people and environment around you.
4. Being yourself, knowing what works and will not work for you.
5. Taking the Right advice and cues from people.
6. By being faithful and diligent on your set goal.
7. By Digging deep.
8. By using the God factor.

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