Cover Letters; An Important But Underutilised Marketing Tool.

Cover Letters; An Important But Underutilized Marketing Tool.
The Cover Letter allows you to target the job and the employee in a very specific way, leaving the resume to market your skills, qualities and experience as a part of the bigger picture. Your resume then needs less tweaking with each application because the Cover Letter, which must be different each time does that for you.
A Cover Letter is an introductory page about the particular candidate's profile, history and why he/she should be considered for a job interview and possibly the job itself. A Cover Letter is meant to be a selling document to the prospective employer or interviewer, explaining why he/she should be considered for the job.
Key to note about Cover Letters is that it is always open to adjustment and change, constantly changing to each job application. Cover letters are job specific and should highlight important details in relation to the job being applied for. Simply put, for each job function, level, type or specification a cover letter must show candidates required skills, experience and interest and why he/she deserves to be called up for an interview or considered for the job proper.
Here are some points about Cover Letters to note:

   1.   A Cover Letter should be quick, sharp, concise, precise and ambiguous.
   2.   A Cover Letter should be formal and professional stating facts than opinions.
   3.   A Cover Letter must highlight your strong points and skills and why you are needed for the job you are applying for.
   4.   A Cover Letter should be definitive rather than speculative.
   5.   A Cover Letter should be viewed and written as a selling document with the aim of creating reader ( Interviewer) action and conversion ( job interview invite) .
   6.   A Cover Letter shows you are valuable, literate, unique, experienced and enthusiastic for a job role in an organization.

A Cover Letter is a first impression document that lodges in the mind of an employer, making it one of the most critical components for getting noticed. Research suggest that employers favour Cvs that are accompanied by a Cover Letter ( A Cover Letter is a Selling Document, take it upon yourself to see it achieve that aim of selling and conviction.

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