The Importance Of Your Body Language And Why It Is key!!

Understanding body language is one of the most important aspects of personal presentation. The Image conveyed by the physical self should support and enhance what is being communicated verbally. If the visual image differs widely from the spoken message, it is often the non-verbal account that is believed.

The way you sit, stand, your gestures and mannerisms and your facial expressions will say far more about you and how you are feeling at any given time than the words you are using. When individuals are nervous or uneasy, their behavioural "Bad Habits" become more pronounced.

Awareness of your body language, of how you behave under pressure, what signals you are unconsciously giving, how nerves and stress affect you physically, can help you understand how you "Come Across" to others. It can also explain how the wrong impression is sometimes given and how confusion can occur.
Take care and charge of your body language, be more concerned about it, what people see on the outside about you is  crucial.

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