Nine Important Points About Relationships and Communication.

Relationships and communications are two separate factors which complement one another. Communication makes relationships work and having a good relationships brings about constant communication between two parties.
Here are some points to note:

   1.     It takes two to tango.
   2.     You must meet with the other person, ‘half way’ on the bridge of connection.

   3.     One party should not and cannot sustain a relationship alone.
   4.     Happiness is something we all generate.
   5.     Loving people comes naturally it is not forced.
   6.     Give in a relationship what you expect the other person to give you.
   7.     Constant communication brings about healthy relationships which is great for personal growth   and development.
  8. Communication and keeping Relationships is key and vital to achieving success in life endeavours. People have become made as a result of relationships they have or had in the past or present.
   9.  Relationships are built and based on friendship, friendship starts essentially from the willingness of both parties to communicate.


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