Logic Of The Day: 23/01/2017

Will Power is Important.
The Will power to be able to follow up on your dreams and visions is equally as important as the vision or dream, why? Any idea or plan without actions and strategy would definitely fail. Will Power requires using the physical and mental capacities of an individual to achieve his/ her aim, it involves being patient, diligent and committed to achieving Final Success. After all Sacrifice is the price of Achievement.
A lot of people often and always have a vision but then back out when they realise what it takes to accomplish it. We think we know ourselves until we come to that point, and then we realize we are Lazier, have less Willpower, less Determination, make less Effort, get easily Dissuaded and fall by the Wayside too easily.
Have the Willpower to Achieve Success!

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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