13 Things That Could Be Used To Consider Your Next Promotion!

1.            Job knowledge and abilities(perform all aspects of the job)
2.            Adaptability/Flexibility (Change multi-skilling for craft workers) 
3.            Productivity(individual work output)
4.            Quality to work(attention to detail)(Consistent quality)

5.            Attitude to work(commitment, motivation, enthusiasm)
6.            Interaction with others (team working ability communication.)
7.            Originality of thought(initiative, problem solving)
8.            Perception(ability to properly interpret job requirements)
9.            Judgement, use of resources(setting priorities, ability to plan and organise)
10.          Attendance and time keeping(numbers of, reasons for absence; punctuality
11.          Safety awareness(awareness of health safety standards)
12.          Need for supervision(leadership ability to develop others)
13.          Performance against targets (extent to which previously set targets have been      achieved)

Via: alexogundadegbe.blogspot.com.ng


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