Why Write A Resume Or A CV?

Do we need to write a CV or a Resume? the following points should show you reasons why it is important and vital:
To apply for a job within the same field.
You like what you do, but you want to do it somewhere else! Make sure your CV highlights your achievements. Writing a CV is easy, but writing a good CV isn't! Achievements can show the employer that you are able to meet objectives, something all employers are looking for.

To apply for a job within a different field.
So the time has come for a career overhaul. You have thought hard and decided that you do not want to pursue a career in the current direction. Write a CV that highlights any experience or qualifications in this new area. You would also need a reason in your CV outlining why you want to make a career change.
To summarize your life achievements.
Having a full CV is always a good idea as you never know when a good opportunity will come up. Keep your CV updated at all times, adding any relevant courses or qualifications. This way, when you find yourself applying for a job in three months time your CV will already be written and remembering all your courses/experiences/projects will not be an issue. If you then apply for a different position, all you will need to do is edit your CV to suit the particular post.
To apply for a particular job vacancy.
Address all of the job requirements in your CV. If you do not have any formal qualifications that cover the job requirements, try to make up for it by showing your experience. Make sure you carefully read the advertisement and follow all instructions. A CV is an essential tool in your job search and career.


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