Why Are Marketing Jobs The Best??

Yes, I love marketing (selling) jobs, but not all marketing jobs are meant for you. Before you can succeed as a marketer or sales agent, you must choose your poison correctly. I don’t know about you, but I can’t sell everything. I choose my products. I sell the things I love and that is why I succeed in it. Most people fail as a sales agent because they want to sell everything. You want to sell pension. You want to sell banking services. You want to sell insurance. You want to sell real estate. You want to sell pharmaceutical products. You want to sell FMCGs. You want to sell Telecommunication. You want to sell cars. You want to sell food supplements. You have tried to sell everything. No, it doesn’t work like that for everybody. Look for a product you love, a product you know and a product you have the market for and sell it. You will love it. Below are the reasons why I love marketing as a job.

1. They are readily available: marketing jobs are readily available in the labour market. No company will say no to you if you walk up to them with an offer of helping them improve sales irrespective of your qualification. Bottom line is the only reason why companies are in business in the first place and anybody who can help in improving that is given an opportunity to do so. A company can never have excess of sales persons (marketers). The quickest way to end your job search is to step out tomorrow as a sales dude.

2. More Money: it’s only a marketing job that gives you a stake in the company you are working for. There is no limit to how much you can earn. All the biggest boys you know in the banking industry are bad sales dudes. Same applies to every other sectors.

3. Relationship: marketing jobs provides you with a platform of building a strong contact list. One mistake people make is that they think that marketing has been completed when you close a deal or make a sale. No. Even when somebody did not buy, establish a relationship. You might find the relationship handy someday.

4. Job Security: no matter how bad the economy is looking, business organizations do not retrench their sales dudes. Every other person might go, but not the guys who are pushing the company’s product. So your job security is guaranteed as a good marketer. You can never be an excess to requirement.

5. Flexibility: marketing jobs are very flexible. It affords you ample time to pursue other personal runs and interests. Its lot like the usual 9 to 6 jobs that keep you stereotyped. You can have other business interests, you can also further your education or find enough time for your loved ones.

6. Entrepreneurship: if you don’t like marketing, then this talk of being your own boss is not something you should consider cos you will not succeed. Marketing jobs builds your entrepreneurship abilities and experience. If you can successfully sell another person’s product, then you can perfectly sell yours.

Marketing jobs are the bomb. It all depends on what you are selling and how you are selling it. Most people make marketing look tedious the way they do it. It is not all about activity and being busy. It is not all about hitting a road or an area without a plan and start harassing people from one office to another. No. Marketing is not all about dissipating energy unnecessarily and getting stressed out. I will share my own personal ideas on how to get the best out of marketing here soon. Forget about what you were taught in school for now about selling. There are unconventional ways to make this happen.

Written by: @uzoukwubrown


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