Top Financial Rules To Keep You Standing.

The quality of life you live depends a lot on finances, this could be negative or positive. Financial discipline is actually the difference between a financially stable person and a person who is always in the red; bankrupt.

Here are some financial tips:
     1.     It is never too little or too small to save. Saving that “little amount” consistently over a      long period of time would surely turn to a “Lump or Large sum” later.
     2.     Spend what’s left after saving, not save what is left after saving.
     3.     Your retirement starts now, don’t wait for “Later” or “Tomorrow” make each day count.
     4.     Spend money on Value, not on Frivolities.
     5.     Inculcate the habit and character of financial discipline.
     6.     Never spend your Salary, Wages or Expected Earning even before you receive.
     7.     Your balances must never show red before the next payday.
     8.     Say no to the fast life. 
     9.     Spend logically and rationally.

     10. Give, Donate, Share, pledge, Spend with your Head not with your Heart.


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