How To Write A Creative Cover Letter.

Writing a Creative Cover Letter
There is a big difference between writing a regular cover letter and writing a creative cover letter to send with a resume. For one thing, a creative cover letter is much more informal. It is, in a sense, spunky and fun. Sometimes a creative cover letter is used when applying in the more creative fields, such as for positions in the arts and entertainment industries.
Elements of a Good Creative Cover Letter.

Just like any cover letter, when writing a creative cover letter, you should aim to keep your cover letter to one page. This is crucial. THE AIM of the cover letter is to introduce yourself, provide several pointers or highlights, and end it. Nothing more and nothing less. You must be as savvy as possible in order to make a creative cover letter stand out from that of your competition.  Aside from the return address, date, recipient address and the greeting, a creative cover letter begins with a brief introduction. In the introduction you will want to briefly tell your current profession and what compelled you to inquire about the position.

After the introduction is the real meat and potatoes of the letter, which is the body; THE BODY of a creative cover letter is simple, yet direct, it is informal yet poignant. The body of the cover letter is the quintessential selling piece for your skills. This is where you flaunt all of the skills that you have that are important for the job for which you are applying. However, you will need to do this briefly. Your cover letter should be no more than four paragraphs total.

The last section is the closing of the letter. It is short, sweet and to the point. You should limit this section to a single sentence. After the closing sentence are the closing salutations with your name typed and signed.   Whenever you are writing a creative cover letter you should make sure that you have followed the standard editorial guidelines that govern cover letters.

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