Family and Personal Issues: “How Do You Balance It All”

As many times as we hear this question being asked, it is hardly ever directed at men. Never would you expect or ask a man who is married with children “how he manages it all” or “how he balances it all”. Balance is non-existent if all our men and fathers talk about relates to work and careers. Life is more than earning and about closing the deals at work. More and more we see that men might be suffering the effects of not attempting to “balance” it all and only find out what they have missed out on when it’s too late. Most research show that older people or those on their dying bed regret not spending more time with their families, not building better relationships and not fulfilling personal dreams.

In reality, the things that these older people regret are usually the same things that are more in their control than they imagined – time spent with family and time spent developing their personal dreams. Fathers should be attempting to bring balance into their routines before it is too late, so that they do not find themselves trying to build relationships with the adults their children have become 30 years later. Men and husbands should also spend time with their wives and not always focused just on work and or the children. After all, you will retire from the job, the children will grow up and leave home. The marriage, on the other hand, it is not going anywhere.

Women seem to bear the burden of trying to have it all because they have increasingly demanding roles outside the home while still raising a family. Men too should consider what “having it all” means — and ‘finding balance’ should very well include a successful career that allows them to provide for the family while still carving time out for their wives, children and themselves.

Living a balanced and happy life should be the perfect & standard goals for everyone. It is imperative for parents to adhere, and also try to inculcate at an early stage ways of building longing and lasting relationships with their children in other not to have strangers as adults when they grow up. Everything is not all about the money you throw at them, the vacations, the holidays, expensive gifts and toys etc. Moments and Memories you share with them has far more positive effects on them and go a long way. Remember your family comes first before any and every thing, they are and will always be with you and stay with you to the end of time.


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