7 Friends You Should Never Lose.

Are you worth being friends with? No, you didn't read this question wrongly. If you were someone else, would you be friends with you? Except you have decided to life a life of solitude and separation from the human species, your journey in life will always have people included in it. Having friends makes the tough times easier to bear, and helps us grow in ways we'd be unable to if we were by ourselves or with just our family members around us.
True friendship is different for everyone, but one thing is common to all friendships, and it is as simple as these two words: sticking together. In this post, you would read about the seven types of friends you should try not to let go of. You may even be lucky to have one or two friends who exhibit all seven traits. Those ones are keepers; never let them go, no matter what.
1.     The friends that tell us the truth.
      The truth sometimes is a bitter pill to swallow. Some people would rather live in denial and surround themselves with half-truths than be sincere with themselves. A true friend is one who will call you out on your lie or whatever falsehood you are involved in, not out of disrespect, but because they genuinely care about you. They rather you face the truth and live it than hide behind lies. It is always better to be hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.

2.      Friends who settle their issues with us, without involving the world.
"I had a fight with Sandra yesterday. She called my mom and sisters to tell them about it, and then she subbed me on Twitter! Twitter of all places. I know I was at fault, but it was such a simple issue, I was shocked she involved my family and Twitter people." If you have a friend that always tell on you whenever you have a fight or a disagreement, it's high time to cut that friendship off. Real friends work out their issues with each other without involving other people.
A lot of people take their relationship issues to social media nowadays. Real friends don't act that way. It's disrespectful and immature. The healthy way to settle issues is to talk about your grievances with your friends. So appreciate the friends who make the effort to settle misunderstandings without involving others or strangers on the Internet.

3.     Friends who understand your mood swings.
It's inevitable that you would get cranky and moody sometimes. Having a friend who does not take it personal is priceless. A friend who tolerates your bad side and even treats you nicely is a keeper.

4.      A friend that keeps in touch.
Distance means nothing to this kind of friend. No matter how far apart you are, he/she is constantly in touch, not just as a formality, but because the person is genuinely interested in you and what's happening around you. Friends who take time off their busy schedules to keep in touch should be celebrated.

5.      The EVERY weather friends.
These types of friends are the antithesis to the 'fair weather' friends. They are with you through thick and thin. They are with you in moments of confusion, holding you up in times of real stress, sharing your joy and moments, and are part of your challenges and victory. Never let these ones go.

6.      Friends who put in effort.
Sometimes, making and staying friends with someone is not easy. Apart from the different perspectives and lifestyles, there are lots of distractions threatening friendships every single day. Having a friend who is willing to put in effort to save your friendship when everything seems to be going downhill is something to cherish. In the end, this 'true' kind of friendship is a promise made in the heart – silent, unwritten, unbreakable by distance, and unchangeable by time.

7.      Friends who understand in times of change.

Compassion is a big deal in friendship. Because we all change with time, having a friend who is not forcefully opposed to this change is someone you should not lose. They are respectful of our evolved natures, but understand and yet stick with us.


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