The Keys To Making A Good Decision.

Good or sound decision-making is necessary for living life productively and efficiently. All of us are confronted with various decisions to make on a daily basis. Some are small and of minor consequence, while others are huge and potentially life changing. Some are simple and obvious choices; others are more difficult and painstaking. For those that are complex and difficult to make, there is a process we can follow to help us come up with a good solution.
They are;
1.Identify the decision to be made as well as the objectives or outcome you want to achieve.
2.Do your homework. Gather as many facts and as much information you can to assess your options.
3.Brainstorm and come up with several possible choices. Determine if the options are compatible with your values, interests and abilities.
4.Weigh the probabilities or possible outcomes. In other words, what's the worst that can happen? What will happen if I do A, B or C and can I live with the consequences?
5.Make a list of the pros and cons. Prioritize which considerations are very important to you, and which areless so. Sometimes when you match the pros against the cons you may find them dramatically lopsided.
6.Solicit opinions and obtain feedback from those you trust or have had a similar situation to contend with. There may be some aspects you haven't thought about.
7.Make the decision and monitor your results. Make sure you obtain the desired outcome.


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