The Element Of Surprise And Its Importance.

When you’re doing something you have a lot of factors that contribute to you reaching your goal. These factors add to the success of your goals being achieved, when one says that they have the “element of surprise” that means that they have surprising their intended audience as one of these factors. It means that the particular audience won’t see what is coming next, so it makes it easier for one to reach a goal. If you have the element of surprise in a situation, you have an advantage because your opposition does not know your plans. The element of surprise would be the unexpected action or event that throws your opponent or attacker off his/her game. The trick is to make everyone believe you have given up, because the element of surprise when you make your comeback will blow them away.
Apex predators use this concept as their greatest tactic and advantage in hunting for prey. Taking a cue from  the cheetah the fastest animal on land, in spite of its great speed it does not openly show that, rather it sneaks up on its prey surprising them, that element of surprise destabilizes the unsuspecting prey putting it off balance and disorganized to think or do anything concrete.
Humans must use this factor in the pursuit of life goals, aims & objectives. Don’t be too open in anything that you do or want to do, it is often said that when you are a mystery that cannot be unraveled or when people cannot read you so easily you’d be reckoned with because people naturally tend to get scared or nervous of the unknown or what they cannot comprehend. Sometimes when you surprise people it brings out good emotional/ mental reactions, and it is a spice for relationships and human interaction.
Have the advantage in any situation by applying the element of surprise in whatever you are doing. It produces results!


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