Stop Running Your Mouth, Be Positive.

Yesterday Christmas day, in the midst of all the celebration, I decided to step outside for a while and I saw something that made me to pause, think and pray. I saw two kids of about 15 and 10 years of age or thereabout hawking yams in the street. Hawking yams not Selling yams, and I hope you know the big difference between both words! And also the product being hawked and how hard it is for any random person to buy it, all these on a Christmas day.
I began to wonder and ponder, how hard it will be for these kids doing such when most of their age mates would be at home or in recreational centers wining and dining and enjoying life to the fullest. Well, it dawned on me that the life story of people will never and are never the same.
You see, in this life I believe in any situation you find yourself you should give thanks to God, pray and work hard to move forward. You might be complaining I have no job, but you eat everyday, you dress fine and you are not on the street begging or doing something illegal, my brother give thanks and pray to God, stop backbiting and complaining.
You are complaining i have no children after 3 years of marriage, but my sister some of your aunties don't even have a boyfriend not to talk of a fiancee, should they now kill themselves. You are complaining that some of your friends earn better than you even with the same qualifications, but wait bro what about those who are unemployed.
Sean Connery in the film "The Rock" featuring Nicholas Cage said something which I have never forgotten even tho it is quite odd, but I am more interested in the message it carries and delivered. He said "Losers Whine about how they tried, but Winners go home with the Prom Queen". Can you learn from this statement and apply it to your life??.
As we the sun sets in on 2015, and as 2016 moves in on us, we should drop all complaining, murmuring, backbiting and whining about any negative circumstance or situation, but rather use it to our advantage, because there is usually an appointment in every disappointment.
Trust and pray to God, work hard and believe In yourself and you will get there.
Happy Holidays!!!!!


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