A Society In Need of True Education (1). By Eneji Stephen Toluwalashe

In when education becomes indoctrination, an article published by The Guardian Newspaper on the 3rd and 4thof November 2015, true education was defined as: “the development of the mind and the whole being through learning and putting to work what was learnt” according to the writer, truly educated people are said to be: “people that are original, resourceful and creative, who dream dreams and think out of the box to attain their dreams and fulfill their passions. They are those that acquire the type of education that liberate their passions and help them to reach their set goals…”
In a society where some form of creativity and technicalities are crippled and relegated because we have been made to believe only failures do them.
In a society where a skillful hairdresser is judged by his/her inability to solve mathematics and young persons’ intelligence are judged by their inability to pass universities entrance examinations.
In a society where only one institution of learning is recognized  without which we are seen as uneducated.
In a society where eloquence in English and other foreign languages is the measure of intelligence and being university student is the measure of excellence. How do we acquire true education?
We let our brains deep sleep and expect others to think for us, our lack of initiative and self-esteem makes us to believe whatever was passed down to us by the whites without checking if they are good for us or not.
How can we be made to believe that out of all institutions of learning through which we can be educated and made relevant in the society, only one must be recognized?
We are like sheep led to slaughter; our inability to check packages passed down to us is our vault.
Our problem is not only in the over-glorification of universities ahead of other higher institutions of learning, even though it is one of the most damaging ones. Our major problem is in our lack of understanding of what it really means to be educated. Someone defined education as equipping people to be relevant in the society thus it doesn’t matter what type of education you acquire and where you acquire it, if it doesn’t make you relevant in your society, it is a waste and you need true education. There is no way you will acquire the type of education that helps to liberate your passion and achieve your goals without becoming relevant in the society. That’s what true education does.
I have been in a church where the pastor called out the youths for prayer and the prayer went thus: “among you we will have doctors, lawyers, professors, bankers and presidents” then I wondered what happen to other brown collar jobs like entertainments, sports, art and so on. If everyone is the president who will they preside over? If everyone is a lawyer who will they defend or prosecute? If everyone is a professor who will they lecture? Most of the youths have been made to believe that the only way they can be seen as successful is to end up with white collar jobs and trying to live by people’s definition of success; they end up with indoctrination instead of true education.
Education is not only about formal education and the certificates, even an illiterate (someone that can’t read and write) can be seen as truly educated. being educated is not limited to a type of education but here we limit being educated to anyone with formal education alone and this is why it is difficult to acquire true education and become a success because when schooling becomes indoctrination, only the truly educated folks becomes successful.
Some parents pay millions of naira to have their children in the university, they think they are giving the best to their children but if that isn’t the right education for them, they have only succeeded in indoctrinating them instead of getting them true education. It is disheartening that all the parents does these days is to make their children live by their own definitions of success. They make them acquire the wrong type of education because they believe that is the only way they can become successful as the society makes it look when they should have studied them, know what their passions and talents are and give them the type of education that suits. Some people say no knowledge is waste and even when it’s obvious some of them are pure wastes they still believe in such unverified saying. If a man goes to school to study a course not patenting to his passion and never practice it all his life, is the knowledge waste or not? Instead of wasting time acquiring the wrong type of education, is it not more profitable to acquire the right education?
To be Continued.......
This Article is written in a bid to create awareness for TRUE EDUCATION CAMPAIGN. to learn more about this campaign; to support or/and sponsor the initiative, please send “TEC” to +2348163800077 either via whatsApp or text message.
Eneji Stephen Toluwalashe (Soul'e Rhymez)


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