Today on Qualitative Speaking.Stop playing to the Gallery and be Result Oriented.

A lot of people nowadays seems to be interested in playing to the gallery or show boating, now show boating means showing off. They neglect the fact that in the real sense of it they will be judged on their results, that is why there is a need to be effective, efficient and result oriented. Nobody cares how you are going to do it, or how you did it, what they care about is have you done it.
In school when you finish with 1st Class, you are the toast of everybody around you because of what you achieved, but people don't really care or ask how you did it whether by legitimate or crooked way. What they only care about is the result. Same thing in football, nobody cares about the number of possession or chances you had or the style of play, what will count at the end is the result of the match. Nobody is given a trophy for playing well remember this.
It is important to note that people are judged based on what they have done, not how far they tried. Performance is better than hyping, just get going.
Very important to know that Winners are celebrated for what they have done, while losers go about whining about how they
tried their best.


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