Today on Qualitative Speaking: Never Stop Doing Good Because you Dont Get Credit!

When you do good it is not because you are expecting a return or favor back it is because what you do is right. When doing good and people don't appreciate you, remember that posterity will judge at the end of the day. Nobody does good and is not rewarded, it may not be in the instant but your reward will surely come.
I will tell you a short story about a Pastor who was in charge of a church in the north central, according to the custom of the church every year they organize a appreciation service for there pastors, now while he was in charge despiting building the church from scratch for years was not appreciated. Especially in the north were religion is a sensitive issue, but he continued doing the right thing and never stopped or murmured or complaihave about anything. Finally after 14 years, he was remembered, he got a car, a house, millions of naira and i am sure that day will remain indelible in his heart. Had he stopped because he was not appreciated then he would not have been blessed like that.
This story teaches that you should never stop doing good because you are not appreciated, and remember if you stop you are worst than people or persons who don't do good at all.


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