Today on Qualitative Speaking: Doing away with Sycophants!

A sycophant is one who uses compliments to gain self-serving favor or advantage from another.One who seeks to gain through the powerful and influential. There is an absolute need to do away with such people in your life as they are capable of pulling you down and destroying you. Sycophants and fake friends are only around you because of what they can gain from you, especially if you are in a position of authority or influence. They come to singing your praise and honoring you with words so that you can reward them for that.
Sometimes we need more critics around us than people who praise us and see no bad in whatever we do. A constructive critic would always put you in line and check bringing you in touch with reality. But sadly enough we live in a world where nobody wants to hear the truth but rather they want to hear what pleases them and this is a set up for failure and destruction.
Sycophants have been destroying people, empires, kingdoms from time to this very day, so they will always be around. It is now left to you to be able to discern people that are close to you and advice you for their own selfish interest or for your own betterment.
Remember a sycophant will be close to you, so know who your close friends are, and also question people who always speak high and positive of you ask them for your negatives and shortcomings because nobody is perfect and anybody that tells you that you are perfect is absolutely deceiving you.


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