Time; The Greatest Gift Of Youths.

The greatest gift any young person or youth has is time, time to make plans, time to lay a foundation, a blue print, design for your life, time to make things right. What you do with your time is what will count for you in the nearest and possible future, things you do with your time now will stand for you or against you in the future. That is why it is imperative and important for youths to use their time right and lay a solid foundation for their future.
What one does for example when he or she is 15 years is what will count 10 years later when that same person is 25. At 15 years you should have gotten your O level certificates and other necessary things a normal 15 year old would have gotten. A 15 year old that did not make ample use of his time to get his O level for instance would struggle at 25 years still trying to meet up when probably at 25 his mates are already University Graduates.
The importance of using your time right can not be over-emphasized because time is the greatest asset not to only youths but everybody. Time is also very important because once spent or gone can never be replaced or recovered. Time is important, that it is synonymous with any thing we do in life, meaning time is an important factor in our everyday life. I would be sorry for those who use the time they have now to fool away and constitute nuisance in their immediate environment, because in the nearest future they will look back and regret why they didn't stay on track and by that time it would have been too late.
So it is therefore safe to say that the greatest privilege anybody has is time, time to make precise and well informed decisions for personal growth and development.
So what are you doing with your time, remember to make it count because once gone it can never be recovered or retrieved.


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