Raising up Children in the Ever Changing Values System in the Society.

In face of ever changing value system in today's world there is a need to advocate for emphasis to be laid on children and how they are brought up. This is important in order for them to be morally uptight, have and also maintain a high value system.
A lot of people blame the society for the ills that are currently ongoing in the world. They also blame the system they find themselves, stating and saying that the system is in a state of decay and so it is not their fault as they meet it like that. The mentality we have in today's world is; if you can't beat them join them, and this is totally wrong. If you can't beat them, leave them!
What a lot of people don't understand is that they are the society and system, the people that make up the society are the society itself. When the people in a society are good, the society automatically becomes sound it is not magic just fact. When you want changes in the society, you that are components and make up the society must also make changes to yourself and accept it. How can you want a morally sound and high value society when you yourself are a morally bankrupt person.
In order for this to be corrected, the foundation which is the basis must be taken care of, and the foundation starts from the home which is where the society springs up from. Parents and guardians must ensure that they inculcate and instill good, moral values into their children and wards, because they are the future and face of their parents and society to a larger extent. Moral ethics, good judgment, reasoning and decision making skills, sound value system and a mind made up of positive content must be adequately and effectively instilled in children at a young age and craddle level, and this is only possible by parents and guardians who bring them up.
After all it is written in the holy book,train up a child in the way of God and when he grows up he will not depart from it. People should not just recite/ read it but also learn from it.


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