President Buhari, APC and the Need to Change

The All Progressive Party (APC) made a major mark on the nation's political structure and space by unsitting the then ruling party which had been in governance for 16 years. Nigeria had never had a party so strategic, vicious and vocal in their opinions, analysis and handling of both party and national matters especially in relation to the then ruling party (PDP).
We all know, or well those that will agree with me that the APC led a propagandist agenda against the former president came his party, painting a picture of a Nigeria so bad that people began to go delusional. But like the proverb goes; the whip that was used on the first wife is usually kept up in the roof for the second wife. What the APC didn't know was that the same poor and bad picture which they painted to Nigerians for political points and votes which they of course got will be used to judge them.
Surprisingly, 6 months on the new administration is still maybe surprised or astonished that they are now the ruling party. The way they conduct themselves in terms of administration, management and leadership is a big disappointment disgrace and total letdown. The issue of petroleum and power has deteriorated coming from what was prevalent before. The conduct of NASS officials is a disgusting and disgraceful sight to watch. Nothing seems to be moving in the country.
Now, this government needs to understand that they are no longer passengers but are drivers of the bus called Nigeria and as such it is necessary for a change in attitude and mentality. Elections are far gone, time has come for the real business. After talking the talk the APC led government must walk the talk!!
Well maybe I am too quick to judge, maybe I am right but the past 6 months or so have not been satisfactory enough, bearing in mind the hopes and expectations Nigerians placed on the new government. President Buhari who is the leader of the party must step up his efforts to see that the change agenda is implemented, because he will be judged based on his performance now rather than the goodwill and disposition he has.
Finally the citizenry and opposition alike must push the President, party and team to optimum performance so that the country will move forward and progress. Excuses should not be afforded to the President and there must be constructive criticisms on the part of opposition and critics alike. This is to enhance growth and foster development of our great country Nigeria.
Long Live Nigeria.


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