Patience ; A Virtue For Success.

It is often said that patience is a virtue or quality that successful people possess, or a virtue or quality that any person who wants to be successful must possess. Patience is often seen as the final ingredient for any "Cooking Recipe", it is usually the last thing required for any endeavor one is in to come through. The thing about patience is that it is as important as the plan you have and must never be taken lightly.
Patience comes into effect in every facets of the human life and existence, you can not be successful, made or victorious if you do not possess this quality. Even in the holy book it is written that God's time is the best, but it is important to remember and know that you must have to wait it out for God's time which is never the same as human time.
Patience is the difference between greatness and mediocrity, success and failure, superiority and inferiority. We have all heard or known of what not being patient has done to so many lives, be it in terms of choosing life partners, employment, child bearing, being rich and famous etc.
A patient person would definitely be a successful person, stop looking at people and don't allow pressure to get to you, because not having patience could be your undoing. Also important to note is that everybody's time is not the same, everybody's life path is different. Stay true to yourself your dreams and aspirations, believe in God and finally have patience for things to fall in place and God will see you through.


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