Are You Selling Your Dream?

In the movie Up in the Air, actor George clooney is hired by a major corporation to handle big lay-offs. His job is to fire people in one scene when he's about to fire an ageing middle manager, he notices on the man's CV that he had been trained as a French chef. As the man expresses despair over losing his job, clooney reminds him of his original dream and asks him this soul searching question: back when you started, how much did it take to buy you away from your dream? At that pivotal moment the middle manager thought back to the time he decided to settle for a steady pay packet in exchange for what he really wanted to do with his life. Are you doing that? Understand this: the day you were born God had a track for you to run on and an assignment for you to fulfill. So the question you must ask yourself is this: is the difficult situation I'm in right now a God given opportunity for me to go back and fulfill the dream God gave me in the first place? Your greatest loss can lead to the fulfillment of the dream God gave you in the beginning.
Remember God has deposited something in everyone, just reach in, explore and utilize it.


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