How To Find Your Strength(s).

Finding your strengths and weaknesses is part and parcel of developing yourself. With a better understanding of your abilities, expressing your life purpose using skills that you're good at becomes easier. As you start to uncover your strengths and weaknesses, you'll also start to understand what you can naturally do to express the creation of your purpose. You don't see an elephant trying to fly, do you? Or an eagle trying to swim? They do what comes to them naturally, because that's who they are.They are just "being" themselves.

So How Do We Define What A Strength Is? A strength consists of 4 components:
1. Your natural talent & abilities.
2. The education you had.
3. Your experiences in life, either working or otherwise.
4. Your skills.

Natural talent and abilities are something that you tend to do so naturally you don't realize that you're good at it. It happens to everybody all the time. When you're able to do something so well so naturally that when someone else who tries to do the same screws things up, you don't"understand" why other people just can't do something so simple!

Your education helps to build your strength, because it gives you additional background and knowledge that others might not have. With proper and deliberate practice, you can build a competency based on your education simply because everyone else doesn't know what you know!

Your experiences in life contribute in the building and development of your strengths. Experiences give you a real life participation to understand theactual events and requirements to make something happen. It's easy to say "build an internet business", but it's another thing to actually do it. The detailed work and implementation involved comes with experience.

Skills are something that we aren't born with. Skills are abilities that you hone and polish over time, continually and deliberately refining your ability to execute till you do it unconsciously with a high degree of competency. Like Cristiano Ronaldo, who practices almost from morning to night to hone his skills in Football, or Novak Djokovic who would spend time building and developing his basic Tennis skills to high degrees of competency.When you are able to combine these 4 components together, that's where you get your strengths.

Exercise: Finding Your Strengths.
On a daily basis, take a piece of paper and write down what you think your top 10 - 15 strengths are. Just take note of what you do naturally, and what you enjoy doing. During the process, you'll experience several "aha!" moments about what your strengths are, and you'll find that you tend to write certain things over and over again, indicating to you that you already "know" your strengths, just that you weren't consciously aware of them.After 2 - 3 weeks, compile your notes and look for the items that keep coming up over and over again. These are very likely what you think your strengths are.


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