Gambling; Morally Right or Wrong?

Is gambling morally wrong or right; well gambling can be said to be an act of taking a risk/chance on any subject matter in any context on the hope of ultimate success/victory. I will outline some points stating why it is morally right:
Gambling in my opinion is not morally wrong, my perspective is that we take a gamble in all most everything we do in life. Purchasing a new home, taking on a new job are all gambles, you cannot be certain of what the outcome will be, no matter how you see it is a gamble. In the case of a Chief marrying a new wife, a gamble is taken on her and her child bearing capacity and capability.
Gambling can be and is a positive thing for many people, tho it is an addiction for some, but it also provides Jobs and income for many people that work in the gambling industry. This income feeds children, and can be a positive thing to families that rely on them.
The argument which is usually brought against gambling is that it takes money from people without giving anything of value in return. Compare gambling to another chance endeavor; Running for office. Both require money, both offer a significant reward, and neither offers a guarantee of receiving that reward but running for office is not discouraged as immoral, but rather upheld as selfless and patriotic. Gambling gives the same return as campaigning; because in campaign you sell your self to the electorates in the hope that they will vote for you. Running for an office and campaign is a gamble to both you on the premise of winning and the electorates on the hope that you will come good on your promises.


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